Artkulay CC, Trading as MyArts is a creative corporation that communicates to various audiences
using platforms such as events, radio , television, newspapers, radio and mass campaign to deliver a specific message to targeted audience.

Created in 2009, MyArts has since pioneered the arts of development in the creative industry.  We are leading robust toward a sustainable solution

to Arts and Youth Development challenges in a viable and yet 100% business focused in a responsible manner.

MyArts is international because we cater for local, national and international markets.

With its Publications and Media Services, MyArts International provides integrated, coordinated marketing and communication strategies to ensure that relevant businesses or events gain new and profitable leads via various communication mediums. For your event to be successful in markets in which economic growth has levelled and in which there exist many competitors who follow the marketing concept, a well-developed and aggressive marketing strategy is required. Such a strategy considers a portfolio of products and takes into account the anticipated moves of competitors in the market. Our company develops and implements a public relations and communication strategy by creating a positive image and actively communicating your message to the public.

We also provide clients with a platform for individuals and businesses within the art fraternity to interact, share knowledge and work in achieving their goals through arts development practices, promotions and events.

We focus on Special Events Production such as career fairs, business expos, networking sessions, fashion and arts shows and community development events.

Our media management & monitoring services helps our client's messages to reach their target and allows them to connect with the people through the media.

Since 2009, we have published business, lifestyle and career magazines and produced contents for radio, internet and other newspapers and magazine.

Our Arts Development programmes assist various artists in all disciplines by creating powerful  marketing, branding and sales activities to men and women who love film,  fashion, visual and performing arts as well as tourism to expand their business reach and interact with other international artists and designers as well as to improve tourism development in South Africa.

Community Development support is close to our heart. We have passion for community development because we believe that active citizenship is very important for the development of Bloemfontein. It is this generation’s task to reignite the true engine of local economic growth – a rising and thriving middle class. We should restore the ideal that if you work hard and meet your responsibilities you can get ahead, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like.

 “Special Events Production using Media Management & Monitoring as well as   Publications and media Production (Radio, print & Internet) to support Arts Development for the Community Development.”